Founded in 2019, the Phoenix Family Performing Art Collaborative is a nonprofit organization in Ventura county that provides a platform for local mothers and daughters who are fascinated by Chinese classical dance and dream of becoming graceful dancers. We are led by Art Director Phoebe Li, a well-known Chinese classical dancer/teacher who has served our community for many years.

The organization has a passion to showcase the beauty and mystery of traditional Chinese culture to local communities and friends. We want to help improve cultural awareness and understanding, and to build bridges among different cultures and among American Chinese communities. For example, we connect the traditional and modern through the integration of folk art and Chinese hip hop. We also create cultural interactions by using a combination of songs from both China and the west.

 Another mission of the organization is to deliver the cultural message across generations. Many members of the organization are from different generations of the same family — daughter, mother, and even grandmother. The organization creates an extended environment for family members to share their experiences and develop a more in-depth conversation.

The organization also encourages all kinds of communication and friendship development among members, and between members and interested individuals/groups. The members are originally from different regions of China and interested individuals/groups are from different countries in the world. Such a platform promotes communication and collaboration across regions and helps to build a more diverse community.

Let’s perform together!